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Celebrity Predictions

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian - Prediction 22 July 2020

kanye west kim kardashian 2020Kanye's destiny is that of great achievement. He will overcome any limitations that he has. He has a lot of good luck and seems to be a "at the right place, at the right time" kind of person. He is guided by higher powers and will always find solutions to issues he might have, provided he doesn't let his ego get in the way. If this happens he can face a dark time in this lifetime, some of which include loss of prestige, separation, destruction and ruin. He is idealistic in many areas of his life.

Kim will always make use of her abilities and skills. She will always promote herself and has a pioneering spirit. She has tons of willpower and is able to analyse situations well. She will always be able to make do with what she has and will overcome challenges and resistance. She has a no nonsense attitude and will always have a busy schedule. She faces difficult tests and challenges in this lifetime. If her ego gets in the way, she can become obsessed with her image being ruined and this too can cause financial loss, illness and problems with her kids. This can lead to a lot of self doubt and failure. 

In the news, Kanye says that he has been trying to divorce his wife Kim. The cards show that Kanye is in the early stages of starting a new beginning. For Kim, it shows that Kim is now ready to walk away from this relationship. It seems that a separation and eventual divorce is definitely on the cards.

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard | Prediction 22 July 2020

johnny depp amber heard sun predictionFirstly, Johnny and Amber's numerology clashes. This marriage was not a good idea from the start.

Johnny Depp is quite a difficult person to have a romantic relationship with, unless you dont mind a partner who is all for himself and concerned about what others think of him. He is very concerned with his image and how others see him. He can be very cold and indifferent at times as well as secrative and inflexible.

Amber Heard on the other hand can be prone to over-indulgence, narcissism and obsession. She is a very needy person and is obsessed with appearance. She may attract domestic problems and will have problems with trying to fall pregnant. She seems to attract a lot of problems to her life. Once she learns to break old habits, her life may improve. In the meantime, she will keep attracting the same thing over and over. She is also prone to mood swings.

The cards do show that there was indeed betrayal in their marriage and without mentioning names, the rumors seem to be true.

Ghislaine Maxwell - Prediction 22 July 2020

ghislaine maxwell jeffrey epstein predictionEveryone is following the Ghislaine Maxwell story closely after her arrest to see what comes out regarding the Jeffrey Epstein human trafficking scandal that she was involved in.

It looks like she is going through some serious mental anguish which is going to effect her health in a negative way. There is possible heart issues as well as a surgical procedure ahead. She is going to come under extreme pressure and there will be no way out of it.

Lets hope she gets some testifying done before her end. There are people around her that want to help and protect her and they are trying. There is a lot of wealth around her and her business.

She has legal pressure from large institutions / goverment and legally she will not have any success. She is being blocked from all angles.

Her birth Tarot Card suggests that she would be involved in dangerous sports, poor work ethics, dishonesty, fraud and possible crime. This appears to be very accurate in her case.

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Miley Cyrus - Prediction 1 October, 2019

gettyimages 956294498 1566466459Miley's relationship with Kaitlynn has been nothing more than a publicity stunt. She feels that she needs to zoot up her publicity and this was one way of getting into the media.

If Miley doesn't make the decision to leave her husband Liam, he will make it for her. It seems their marriage is going to be over. Secretly, it looks like she will be quite sad about it, but she will move on. He is not happy with the way things have turned out either, but hes not going to stick around.

It seems there will be more rumors ahead about her. Shes got to watch her hectic lifestyle because the cards show she will land up with some health issues.

There are issues with an older woman in her life. It is theses issues that leave Miley feeling vulnerable and open to doing some crazy things. Actually, family pressure comes up a lot in the cards.

She will have a boost in her career for sure. The cards show lots of new work ahead for her, as well as money to be made. Her career is heading for a boost. Certainly lots of financial improvements ahead.

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Duane Chapman - Prediction 1 October 2019

DuaneDog the Bounty Hunter, Duane is still extremely cut up about his wife's passing. He himself faces some problems with his health even hospitalization. His children seem very concerned about him and may be spending more time with him. This does seem to help him quite a bit.

His emotions will be important and can help him pull through the health issues but he is not in a good space. He is currently in the year of the Falling Tower, a time when many aspects in your life can come crumbling down. His emotions are very much up and down. Hes finding it very hard to move on.

He will be making some changes in his life, one of these will be to move home. He spends time alone searching for answers. He will be looking into spiritual matters to help with this.

Despite how hard he tries, he cant seem to get over Beth's passing. It seems he was soul mates with her and this is really hard for him. He will try to move on, especially to be there for people he believes needs him. But, he will never really overcome Beth's death.

He will find someone new to work with however.

Celebrity Predictions by Ursula Wania