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Celebrity Predictions

Cardi B - Prediction 11 Dec 2018

cardi bKnown as Cardi B her real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar. Looking at her date of birth, she will have issues in relationships until she has learnt the lessons she needs to learn. It shows obstacles where love is concerned. She uses force in subtle ways to get what she wants and she’s a great manipulator, loving to control those around her.

There is lots of drama going on in her life at the moment, both work and personal. Conflict with a woman will be resolved and they will sort out indifferences. 

There is still fame and fortune ahead for Cardi, and at times she might worry about this. She will still sign new music deals. There is a lot of traveling. 

People seem to love to spread rumours about her and her life. Looks like a change of residence lies ahead. 

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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry - Prediction 8 Dec 2018

Meghan Markle Prince HarryMeghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex looks so sweet and innocent but don’t be mistaken by that. She has a lot of power under her belt and she won’t be afraid to use it. She is very dynamic and controlling. She will get what she wants.

Prince Harry is a true charmer. He has a way with people and he is gentle and sincere. Harry is very independent and will want to do things his way. He is born with luck on his side and whatever he does he will be put out into the public eye. He’s lucky and quick witted. Under that gentle appearance however is a man who plans to achieve all that he wants, and he does just that.

There is a very controlling woman around Meghan at this time and it seems she is under a lot of pressure from this woman. Secretly, there is a lot of frustration in Meghan’s mind because of this. I don’t think it will need a lot of guess work to figure out who the controlling woman is.

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Ed Sheeran - Prediction 8 Dec 2018

Ed SheeranEd Sheeran's Tarot Card is the Seven of Wands. This shows that he will face many challenges and he will need to be strong to get through them. It is a card of pushing obstacles aside, and at times it can bring you down. The other card that represents him is the Empress. The Empress is a a wow card. It signifies abundance in many ways. If he doesn’t allow obstacles to get in his way, he will do very well and he will have abundance in his life.

His Fiance Cherry, has a lot of internal struggles. It is like she has five different voices talking about different things in her mind. Her ideas seem to be tested with conflict and disagreements. She sees the world differently to others. She could have an interest in learning or teaching and will discover her niche later in life. She is good at giving advice and helping others solve problems.

Despite some relationship issues, it does look like he will get married to Cherry. It shows that in a three year period she will fall pregnant. Ed will move house and a father figure will have health problems. It looks like Cherry could become quite controlling of his life.

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Donald Trump - Prediction 8 Dec 2018

Donald trump and MelaniaDonald Trump’s birth card in the Tarot is the Six of Wands. The card shows that no matter how many obstacles lay in his path, he will overcome them. This is a card of Victory, success and achievement. He is a great leader but can do nothing without the support and backing of followers. Also ruled by the Emperor and "D" for Donald being the fourth card, he demands structure and order. He is very assertive as well as forceful in his beliefs and equally as dynamic at getting things done. A builder of a new World.

Melania Trump has the card of Eight of Wands. This is probably one of the luckiest cards to have. It shows a lot of movement, progress and traveling. She will most certainly be a busy person with lots to do and will be well liked. She always wants to be busy as this card brings lots of energy. Also ruled by Justice, judgements made toward herself and others can separate her from others and cause problems with friendships. Being logical is very important to her and she will consider all sides, weighing up the pro's and con's carefully. She is a great asset for President Trump.

There is lots going on in Donald Trumps life. There are legal issues, gossips, problems, opposition and enemies but no matter what he seems to overcome them all.  It appears that he also has family pressures, but his family is 100% there for him and supportive of his endeavours.  

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Celebrity Predictions by Ursula Wania