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Celebrity Predictions

Avril Lavigne - Prediction 1 Jan 2019

avril lavigneAvril Lavigne's life path shows a very sensitive and old soul. She is very caring and sincere. Although she likes time to herself, she also likes to be in charge and will always aim to be at the top. She will work effortlessly to achieve what she sets out to do. She has many lessons to teach and learn and maybe doctors should pay attention to her journey.

As everyone knows Avril has been very ill and after a lengthy search she finally discovered she had Lyme disease. She will unfortunately be on medication for some time still to come. Even though she has been diagnosed, the cards still show that she will struggle with the illness, but her health will improve with time.

Because of Avril's sensitive nature, she will try to avoid conflict at all costs. She doesn’t work well under pressure and likes to take things at her own pace. She might feel as if she has not accomplished what she wanted and this can be her downfall. She needs to realise that she has been a great inspiration to many people and she will continue to be that.

It seems she has a lot of support from those closest to her and also seems to spend a lot of time with them. Because Avril likes her independence, relationships might present challenges, but the cards do show a new romance coming.

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Kim Kardashian West - Prediction 1 Jan 2019

kim kardashian kanye westOften people with the same life path as Kim Kardashian has attitude. She might think that she is exempt from the rules she creates. She has a spontaneous nature but needs to be more light-hearted. As she gets older she will constantly surprise others with her abilities to integrate the unexpected and strange. She is most probably well organised both at home and in business. She is a risk taker but gets the results she wants through those risks. At times, life’s seriousness can get her down. She needs to learn not to take things so seriously, but she does have a good sense of humour. She is witty and smart and most probably likes to keep busy with many different things.

The cards are showing that Kim is probably feeling burdened and stressed regarding gossip. I’m thinking this has more to do with her husband Kanye West, but it also unfortunately affects her. She will eventually realise that she can’t allow herself to be affected by issues that aren’t her own. She herself will have an issue with a woman and will end her association with her.

The cards show that Kim will have some medical / health problems, they don’t appear to be serious although the issue might last longer than she would like. She will be on medication for some reason as well. 

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Beyoncé - Prediction 20 Dec 2018

beyonce jay zBeyoncé's birthdate (4 September 1981) shows that she has the gift of achieving success, especially if she gives to others, which she does through her music. This will elevate her even higher in future and her work will continue to be well recognised. 

It shows that she is working on new things, possibly a new album, but there are setbacks and other issues in her life that is stopping her from getting things done. The cards shows she will bring out a new album within a "three". This could either be March/April of a year or within the next three years.

Beyoncé puts herself under a lot of pressure and then worries that she hasn’t gone as far as she wanted yet in her career, but in reality the future and her career still looks very bright.

Unfortunately Beyoncé has a tendency to forget who helped her get to where she is. She still has a rebellious nature but will outgrow this as she gets older. She doesn’t like being ridiculed in case of failure and she is quite a perfectionist because of this. She will learn many lessons through her mistakes.

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Nicki Minaj - Prediction 20 Dec 2018

nicki minajNicki Minaj seems to attract criticism and confrontation wherever she goes. In those situatuations she takes what is said about her quite personally. She needs to learn to control her emotions.

She demands respect and can be forceful with what she believes in. Nicki will move up the ladder quicker if she applies herself. She wants to act with power and authority, but needs to balance this out with more feminine energy. She will still do well in her career and it looks as if it will take her to new heights, provided she doesn’t allow negative events to influence her decisions. She should ignore this as much as possible.

There will be more gossip around her. For some reason gossip is very strong in her cards, as though it is ongoing. She gets effected by it and either wants to retaliate against the world or withdraw totally and go into her shell. She could currently still be feeling wounded by some issue from her past. Her emotions go from feeling completely optimistic in one moment ... to wondering if there is a point to it all in the next.

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Kanye West vs Drake Twitter Feud - Prediction 14 Dec 2018

kanye west drake fuedKanye West generally has a calm way about him, he wants things to be fair, but he also has a bite and you don’t want to get on his wrong side. He is a real ladies man. His current year is one of getting through challenges, and during this time, there can be many. It changes around his birthday.

Drake is always up for a challenge, actually, it's what keeps him going. It gives him the necessary surge of energy he needs. He has a lot of internal issues at the moment that only he can work through. Once he comes out of this phase, his mindset changes and he pursues new interests and avenues.

These two need to stay out of each other’s hair. The feuds between them will continue and can become quite nasty (so if you think it has not gotten nasty already ... stay tuned).

Drake will make some lifestyle changes and this will calm him down a bit, but there appears to be an element of jealousy toward eachother which is the biggest trigger for the war of words. 

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Celebrity Predictions by Ursula Wania