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Celebrity Predictions

Julius Malema - 25 July 2020

Julius malema predictionOn the surface, Julius Malema appears to be quite a negative person with criminal intent. He harbours a lot of resentment and can come across hostile. He can also be obsessive about certain matters. He is a manipulator. He needs to confront what lies within and deal with these issues in order to heal his dark side .

The beauty with all these politicians is that when they focus on their negative traits they actually incur a lot of karma, and this always comes back to bite.

Looking a bit deeper, he enjoys his own time and often withdraws to rest and take time out. He has a vivid imagination of how he would like things to be and he has a deep understanding of what’s right and wrong. Again, when egos get in the way, this aspect switches to use of negative traits.

He has a unique mind but he hides it under a rock. He could do well this year with leading people into a whole new future. He has a deep capacity for changing the countries negative patterns or he can use it to take the country into total destruction.

He could be in the throes of taking a new direction and bringing about change. The cards show many challenges with his plans. He will meet resistance along the way. He will realise those he trusted had ulterior motives and their own agenda.

Celebrity Predictions by Ursula Wania