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Celebrity Predictions

Xi Jinping | President of China - Prediction 22 July 2020

xi jinpingTheir is an air of mysticism around Xi Jinping. He could be in search of mind-altering experiences. He seems to have the ability to take magic to another level. He could be involved in secret societies. Xi appears to have the abilities of high ranking magicians and knows about channeling energy.

To him, failure or loss, would show weakness and this is an area he cannot tolerate. If he should reach this point, he would suffer illness.

There is a deep schizophrenia within and he is capable of betraying as well as getting rid of anyone he thinks is in his way.

His card is one that when it comes up, you should never trust the person in question. Extremely sly and deceptive.

Without giving any good advice on how to succeed, this statement would apply to him "The world is won by those who let go, for those who try and try the world is beyond winning" Lao Tzu. With his knowledge, he should know this. Hopefully he really pushes himself this year and pushes forward full force with his plans, as they will have a boomerang effect. Poor leadership often results in bad karma.

Celebrity Predictions by Ursula Wania