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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard | Prediction 22 July 2020

johnny depp amber heard sun predictionFirstly, Johnny and Amber's numerology clashes. This marriage was not a good idea from the start.

Johnny Depp is quite a difficult person to have a romantic relationship with, unless you dont mind a partner who is all for himself and concerned about what others think of him. He is very concerned with his image and how others see him. He can be very cold and indifferent at times as well as secrative and inflexible.

Amber Heard on the other hand can be prone to over-indulgence, narcissism and obsession. She is a very needy person and is obsessed with appearance. She may attract domestic problems and will have problems with trying to fall pregnant. She seems to attract a lot of problems to her life. Once she learns to break old habits, her life may improve. In the meantime, she will keep attracting the same thing over and over. She is also prone to mood swings.

The cards do show that there was indeed betrayal in their marriage and without mentioning names, the rumors seem to be true.

Celebrity Predictions by Ursula Wania