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Ghislaine Maxwell - Prediction 22 July 2020

ghislaine maxwell jeffrey epstein predictionEveryone is following the Ghislaine Maxwell story closely after her arrest to see what comes out regarding the Jeffrey Epstein human trafficking scandal that she was involved in.

It looks like she is going through some serious mental anguish which is going to effect her health in a negative way. There is possible heart issues as well as a surgical procedure ahead. She is going to come under extreme pressure and there will be no way out of it.

Lets hope she gets some testifying done before her end. There are people around her that want to help and protect her and they are trying. There is a lot of wealth around her and her business.

She has legal pressure from large institutions / goverment and legally she will not have any success. She is being blocked from all angles.

Her birth Tarot Card suggests that she would be involved in dangerous sports, poor work ethics, dishonesty, fraud and possible crime. This appears to be very accurate in her case.

There were definitely father issues with her. She would abuse her power and although appears calm, she has quite a temper. A very negative trait is that she is selfish and driven to positions of power but deep down, there is a great sensitivity. Her nervous system will take a beating and she will become weak and fail.

She is in a state of limbo at this time and cannot see what her fate will be. The year that she is in, using the Tarot, reveals dissapointment, loss, lonliness and wasted energy.

Celebrity Predictions by Ursula Wania