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Celebrity Predictions

Miley Cyrus - Prediction 1 October, 2019

gettyimages 956294498 1566466459Miley's relationship with Kaitlynn has been nothing more than a publicity stunt. She feels that she needs to zoot up her publicity and this was one way of getting into the media.

If Miley doesn't make the decision to leave her husband Liam, he will make it for her. It seems their marriage is going to be over. Secretly, it looks like she will be quite sad about it, but she will move on. He is not happy with the way things have turned out either, but hes not going to stick around.

It seems there will be more rumors ahead about her. Shes got to watch her hectic lifestyle because the cards show she will land up with some health issues.

There are issues with an older woman in her life. It is theses issues that leave Miley feeling vulnerable and open to doing some crazy things. Actually, family pressure comes up a lot in the cards.

She will have a boost in her career for sure. The cards show lots of new work ahead for her, as well as money to be made. Her career is heading for a boost. Certainly lots of financial improvements ahead.

Her father Billy, will have some issues that she will be concerned about.

Miley will meet someone new withing the next two and a half years, so around 2021 and it will result in a second marriage for her. He will also be a few years older than her.

There will be a lot of traveling ahead for her. A close friend of Miley will have a baby.

Celebrity Predictions by Ursula Wania