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Celebrity Predictions

Duane Chapman - Prediction 1 October 2019

DuaneDog the Bounty Hunter, Duane is still extremely cut up about his wife's passing. He himself faces some problems with his health even hospitalization. His children seem very concerned about him and may be spending more time with him. This does seem to help him quite a bit.

His emotions will be important and can help him pull through the health issues but he is not in a good space. He is currently in the year of the Falling Tower, a time when many aspects in your life can come crumbling down. His emotions are very much up and down. Hes finding it very hard to move on.

He will be making some changes in his life, one of these will be to move home. He spends time alone searching for answers. He will be looking into spiritual matters to help with this.

Despite how hard he tries, he cant seem to get over Beth's passing. It seems he was soul mates with her and this is really hard for him. He will try to move on, especially to be there for people he believes needs him. But, he will never really overcome Beth's death.

He will find someone new to work with however.

Celebrity Predictions by Ursula Wania