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Celebrity Predictions

Tina Turner - Prediction 1 October 2019

tina turner 9512276 1 402There are many challenges around her where her health is concerned. This seems to be causing her lots of frustration. She seems angry that no one can help her live a better lifestyle. There are also more health issues coming her way. She will be hospitalized again. It also seems that she is on medication that is not really helping her.

There is still a lot of activity in her life, around her home as well as travel. She still seems to bring in money. She would love things to be the way they were and she also looks at getting involved in new projects.

There will be a birth in her family. There are also family conflicts that she is not happy about.
There is a lot of love from her partner, and he seems to help her in many ways to get through tough times.
Tina is putting on a brave face to the world, but inside she is suffering. Her husband will also have some issues with his health although not at serious as hers.  2020 will be a tough year for her and her health will deteriorate more.

Celebrity Predictions by Ursula Wania