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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez - Love Prediction 17 April 2019

jlo and arod

There are some challenges between these two because of children, not sure from whose side. They are not major and they seem to sort it out before it has a chance to blow out of proportion. 

It looks like she gives him a hard time about the rumours and she doesn’t let things go easily. Aside from that, they do have a great relationship and understand each other well.

Unfortunately for J Lo, he does have a roaming eye and he does do things behind her back, or at least tries to do it behind her back. Not easy when everyone is watching you! He’s a womaniser!

Jennifer really loves him and it is hard for her to let go of him, even though he does what he does.

He will regret losing her if she plucks up the courage to leave him. He will cause her a lot of anxiety.

J.Lo would be making a mistake to marry this guy. He’s still going to cheat on her again. It shows there will be a separation, but he is such a smooth talker, he will talk and buy his way back into her life for a period of time again.

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