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Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper - Love Prediction 26 Feb 2019

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

There is a huge amount of undeniable chemistry between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The Astrology shows that there are karmic ties between them.

If their interactions and performance at the Oscars 2019 is anything to go by ... one would easily think they are already romantically involved. Click here to have a look.

People across the globe are suggesting that they are in love and it looks pretty obvious that they could be. Lady Gaga has also recently separated from her fiance. Everything points to the inevitable ... but unfortunately, the Tarot does not see them getting together.

Yes ... there are hidden feelings and it looks like they are twin flames, but most of the time a twin flame is there to help you through something, possibly something connecting with a previous life, but you can never be with your twin flame.

Let's see, maybe the collective consciousness can change this prediction.

Bradley Cooper - Prediction 11 Jan 2019

Bradley CooperThe negotiator. Happily signing the right deals. One thing that is amazing is that many of these celebs have major obstacles along their path, but they just dont give up and that is why they get to where they want to be. Bradly is another one. His life path cards show that he will need to have a lot of courage to succeed, but that if he keeps going, success will definitely be his.
It looks like he is busy with property, either buying, selling or building. There is lots of traveling so he might own houses in different places that he goes to.
It seems Bradley likes to keep his life very private, most likely because his partner does not want the world to know about their family. His family is very important to him and it looks like he does spend a lot of time with them, also traveling with them.

I think his latest movie will bring in other movie deals for him. He has a busy schedule ahead of him. The movie unfortunately seems to have left a lot of uncertainty in his partners mind. It looks like he could get married to Irina, his current partner, but it would be better to do so in 2021 rather than sooner. They will also have another child. I am wondering if he has a car fetish, as there is lots of activity regarding cars in his reading. It actually looks like he might even bump one. He will embark on a new spiritual journey, there is a lot of learning ahead for him.

Lady Gaga - Prediction 11 Jan 2019

Lady GagaHer life path consists of the Tarot cards King of Cups and two others. Although she will face challenges, she will be surrounded by abundance. Abundance can come in many forms so the type of abundance she receives will depend on what she focuses on attaining.

Lady Gaga has major luck coming her way. There is lots of recognition so she will be in the media quite a lot. She will most likely be doing music tours as there is traveling ahead for her.

Looking at her cards, she is also very happy in her personal life. There will be happiness around this area as well.

She will help sort out some problems with someone younger than herself, this might involve some legal matters. The cards show that she will have some health concerns, hospitalisation is indicated. 

She has a tremendous love for children and will somehow incorporate this into her lifestyle. This may even be through donating to charities involving children. It looks as if she would really love to have her own, but due to issues with her health, if this does happen, it won’t be soon.

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Avril Lavigne - Prediction 1 Jan 2019

avril lavigneAvril Lavigne's life path shows a very sensitive and old soul. She is very caring and sincere. Although she likes time to herself, she also likes to be in charge and will always aim to be at the top. She will work effortlessly to achieve what she sets out to do. She has many lessons to teach and learn and maybe doctors should pay attention to her journey.

As everyone knows Avril has been very ill and after a lengthy search she finally discovered she had Lyme disease. She will unfortunately be on medication for some time still to come. Even though she has been diagnosed, the cards still show that she will struggle with the illness, but her health will improve with time.

Because of Avril's sensitive nature, she will try to avoid conflict at all costs. She doesn’t work well under pressure and likes to take things at her own pace. She might feel as if she has not accomplished what she wanted and this can be her downfall. She needs to realise that she has been a great inspiration to many people and she will continue to be that.

It seems she has a lot of support from those closest to her and also seems to spend a lot of time with them. Because Avril likes her independence, relationships might present challenges, but the cards do show a new romance coming.

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