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Celebrity Predictions

Beyoncé - Prediction 20 Dec 2018

beyonce jay zBeyoncé's birthdate (4 September 1981) shows that she has the gift of achieving success, especially if she gives to others, which she does through her music. This will elevate her even higher in future and her work will continue to be well recognised. 

It shows that she is working on new things, possibly a new album, but there are setbacks and other issues in her life that is stopping her from getting things done. The cards shows she will bring out a new album within a "three". This could either be March/April of a year or within the next three years.

Beyoncé puts herself under a lot of pressure and then worries that she hasn’t gone as far as she wanted yet in her career, but in reality the future and her career still looks very bright.

Unfortunately Beyoncé has a tendency to forget who helped her get to where she is. She still has a rebellious nature but will outgrow this as she gets older. She doesn’t like being ridiculed in case of failure and she is quite a perfectionist because of this. She will learn many lessons through her mistakes.

There will be some conflict ahead with a woman ... who this is, only time will tell.

For the year ahead, she will focus on her family and loved ones a lot more. Beyoncé s financial position is still looking good and there continues to be financial stability in her life.

Her family and children seem to occupy a lot of her time currently and is still going to do so for some time to come. She would like to have another baby, but there are some delays around this. She could be struggling to fall pregnant due to her busy life. Beyoncé will have some issues with her health, but these will be minor.  It seems as if she is having some concerns with one of her children, but it won’t be anything serious.

The cards also show issues in her marriage with Jay-Z and it appears that there are communications problems at times between them.

Overall she has a very busy life and a lot to deal with, she shouldn’t put herself under too much pressure.

Celebrity Predictions by Ursula Wania