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Celebrity Predictions

Nicki Minaj - Prediction 20 Dec 2018

nicki minajNicki Minaj seems to attract criticism and confrontation wherever she goes. In those situatuations she takes what is said about her quite personally. She needs to learn to control her emotions.

She demands respect and can be forceful with what she believes in. Nicki will move up the ladder quicker if she applies herself. She wants to act with power and authority, but needs to balance this out with more feminine energy. She will still do well in her career and it looks as if it will take her to new heights, provided she doesn’t allow negative events to influence her decisions. She should ignore this as much as possible.

There will be more gossip around her. For some reason gossip is very strong in her cards, as though it is ongoing. She gets effected by it and either wants to retaliate against the world or withdraw totally and go into her shell. She could currently still be feeling wounded by some issue from her past. Her emotions go from feeling completely optimistic in one moment ... to wondering if there is a point to it all in the next.

It shows that she is not in a very happy space at the moment and has a lot of pressure to deal with. It also shows she has some emotional stuff that she needs to work through. This is unfortunately not an overnight process and will take some time to work through. The way she uses her energy will be very important over the next year and can have a big effect on her future, in either a positive or negative way. 

Her past always seems to come up and haunt her. She needs to deal with and confront these issues, or they will constantly be there reminding her and dragging her down and this can stop her from moving forward.

There are love cards around and this would certainly help her out of any unhappy space she might be in. There is a marriage in her future but for now there are unfortunately delays with her settling down. She is too concerned about image and who the partner is. When she overcomes this, she will find true love.

Celebrity Predictions by Ursula Wania