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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry - Prediction 8 Dec 2018

Meghan Markle Prince HarryMeghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex looks so sweet and innocent but don’t be mistaken by that. She has a lot of power under her belt and she won’t be afraid to use it. She is very dynamic and controlling. She will get what she wants.

Prince Harry is a true charmer. He has a way with people and he is gentle and sincere. Harry is very independent and will want to do things his way. He is born with luck on his side and whatever he does he will be put out into the public eye. He’s lucky and quick witted. Under that gentle appearance however is a man who plans to achieve all that he wants, and he does just that.

There is a very controlling woman around Meghan at this time and it seems she is under a lot of pressure from this woman. Secretly, there is a lot of frustration in Meghan’s mind because of this. I don’t think it will need a lot of guess work to figure out who the controlling woman is.

Meghan will be under lots of pressure in the coming months and will need to take it easier during her pregnancy. 

She has many ideas about things she wants to do relating to business and she will do well in the business world. Finances wont be a problem for Meghan and she will be adamant about earning her own money too. She will also travel regarding her career.  There will however be restrictions on what Meghan can do and decide and this will make her very unhappy. It appears as if she will be held back in many ways. This will add pressure to her marriage with Prince Harry. She is very dynamic and wants to be the boss of things. She might look like a kitten ... but inside there is a lion.

Meghan will further her studies, despite the fact that she will have opposition in doing this too.

With regard to her strained relationship with her father, Meghan will resolve that too. She will also attend the wedding of a close relative or friend. 

Prince Harry loves her very much and will defend her whenever there are rumours or nasty words said about her.

Meghan and Harry will have two children. It might be too early to tell if there will be more than two. There is a definite change of residence for her and Harry. Unfortunately, hospitalisation is on the cards for her and it does not seem to only be related to the birth of her baby.  Her second pregnancy will be within two years of her first child.

Meghan will realise that marrying a Prince was not all that glamorous as it appeared to be and although she does love Harry, she won’t like the issues that come along with being part of the Royal family. She will try and be accommodating but when boundaries get overstepped, she will stand her ground. I wonder if the royal family know what they have set themselves up for! She will have a boy.

Celebrity Predictions by Ursula Wania