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Donald Trump - Prediction 8 Dec 2018

Donald trump and MelaniaDonald Trump’s birth card in the Tarot is the Six of Wands. The card shows that no matter how many obstacles lay in his path, he will overcome them. This is a card of Victory, success and achievement. He is a great leader but can do nothing without the support and backing of followers. Also ruled by the Emperor and "D" for Donald being the fourth card, he demands structure and order. He is very assertive as well as forceful in his beliefs and equally as dynamic at getting things done. A builder of a new World.

Melania Trump has the card of Eight of Wands. This is probably one of the luckiest cards to have. It shows a lot of movement, progress and traveling. She will most certainly be a busy person with lots to do and will be well liked. She always wants to be busy as this card brings lots of energy. Also ruled by Justice, judgements made toward herself and others can separate her from others and cause problems with friendships. Being logical is very important to her and she will consider all sides, weighing up the pro's and con's carefully. She is a great asset for President Trump.

There is lots going on in Donald Trumps life. There are legal issues, gossips, problems, opposition and enemies but no matter what he seems to overcome them all.  It appears that he also has family pressures, but his family is 100% there for him and supportive of his endeavours.  

President Trump is there to "Make America great again" and it looks as though he will continue to do this. He cautiously analyses everything before making decisions, but he has many new plans up his sleeve. Although, he doesn’t look like a worrier, he most certainly is and spends a lot of time working through things that trouble him. There are many meetings ahead and signing of deals and documents. He has a lot of support and knows how to negotiate. Unfortunately not everything always goes as he wants it to, and I guess he needs a balance of good and bad, but the good always seems to get the upper hand. Good in the sense that he gets what he wants.

President Trump needs to be careful of an accident of some sort, unfortunately it appears as if it could be something planned against him.  His job is not an easy one, and he carefully needs to consider the protection of those close to him. He is still controlled by the powers that be, and therefore cannot overstep his boundaries.

President Trump is most certainly a "No-Shit-Sherlock" and doesn’t trust anyone until they have given him reason to do so.

He does however appear to have an advisor, younger than himself, to whom he listens very carefully. Its almost as if he gets divine guidance from this person. He is very close to him.  

There is also a strong woman around him and she seems very controlling. He will end his association with this woman but it is not his wife.

He loves Malania and she is great for him. Even though the media might not portray this, they do have a good relationship and she is there for him, no matter what.  His family are very important to him and he will always ensure that they have what they want and need.

There will be some health problems, even hospitalisation for President Trump, but again, the outcome will be positive. Melania will also have some health concerns, but this might only happen later on.

A mature lady will pass that is close to the family.

Finances will also continue to prosper in President Trump's life.

Celebrity Predictions by Ursula Wania