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Celebrity Predictions

Lady Gaga - Prediction 11 Jan 2019

Lady GagaHer life path consists of the Tarot cards King of Cups and two others. Although she will face challenges, she will be surrounded by abundance. Abundance can come in many forms so the type of abundance she receives will depend on what she focuses on attaining.

Lady Gaga has major luck coming her way. There is lots of recognition so she will be in the media quite a lot. She will most likely be doing music tours as there is traveling ahead for her.

Looking at her cards, she is also very happy in her personal life. There will be happiness around this area as well.

She will help sort out some problems with someone younger than herself, this might involve some legal matters. The cards show that she will have some health concerns, hospitalisation is indicated. 

She has a tremendous love for children and will somehow incorporate this into her lifestyle. This may even be through donating to charities involving children. It looks as if she would really love to have her own, but due to issues with her health, if this does happen, it won’t be soon.

At times she might succumb to temptation, she needs to be aware of this as it can cause setbacks for her.

She has tons of insecurities and this can manifest as health issues. This can also cause setbacks with her relationship. She needs to work on these. 

After seeing more health issues in the cards, I checked out google and apparently she has fibromyalgia. She seems to cope quite well with it, but it is there all the time affecting her lifestyle and her mindset.

People seem to take her for granted and she is always willing to help, this can add to her insecurities of feeling used. There will be a marriage for her in the future and with some luck a child. The next year should be a good year for her emotionally and a great year to get married in.

Its sad to look at some celebrities and see that being famous is not all it appears to be. These people also have many of their own troubles to deal with. Money and fame are not all it is made out to be. There is no perfect remedy for happiness.

Celebrity Predictions by Ursula Wania