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Avril Lavigne - Prediction 1 Jan 2019

avril lavigneAvril Lavigne's life path shows a very sensitive and old soul. She is very caring and sincere. Although she likes time to herself, she also likes to be in charge and will always aim to be at the top. She will work effortlessly to achieve what she sets out to do. She has many lessons to teach and learn and maybe doctors should pay attention to her journey.

As everyone knows Avril has been very ill and after a lengthy search she finally discovered she had Lyme disease. She will unfortunately be on medication for some time still to come. Even though she has been diagnosed, the cards still show that she will struggle with the illness, but her health will improve with time.

Because of Avril's sensitive nature, she will try to avoid conflict at all costs. She doesn’t work well under pressure and likes to take things at her own pace. She might feel as if she has not accomplished what she wanted and this can be her downfall. She needs to realise that she has been a great inspiration to many people and she will continue to be that.

It seems she has a lot of support from those closest to her and also seems to spend a lot of time with them. Because Avril likes her independence, relationships might present challenges, but the cards do show a new romance coming.

There is a lot of movement around her, possibly changing where she is currently living. It looks like she is working on new music and will make a come-back.

She is quite tough despite the challenges she faces and she won’t give up easily. The cards show that she is extremely critical of herself and she needs to work on changing that if she wants to see improvement sooner. With inner strength she can overcome anything.

Celebrity Predictions by Ursula Wania