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Kim Kardashian West - Prediction 1 Jan 2019

kim kardashian kanye westOften people with the same life path as Kim Kardashian has attitude. She might think that she is exempt from the rules she creates. She has a spontaneous nature but needs to be more light-hearted. As she gets older she will constantly surprise others with her abilities to integrate the unexpected and strange. She is most probably well organised both at home and in business. She is a risk taker but gets the results she wants through those risks. At times, life’s seriousness can get her down. She needs to learn not to take things so seriously, but she does have a good sense of humour. She is witty and smart and most probably likes to keep busy with many different things.

The cards are showing that Kim is probably feeling burdened and stressed regarding gossip. I’m thinking this has more to do with her husband Kanye West, but it also unfortunately affects her. She will eventually realise that she can’t allow herself to be affected by issues that aren’t her own. She herself will have an issue with a woman and will end her association with her.

The cards show that Kim will have some medical / health problems, they don’t appear to be serious although the issue might last longer than she would like. She will be on medication for some reason as well. 

There is a lot of travelling ahead for her, locally and internationally. Kim will also launch something new and this will set a new trend. 

It seems she is quite bust with her children, one in particular seems to need more of her attention. Her children will also be in the public eye and we should get to see more of them too.  There could be some rumours of marriage problems between her and Kanye, but it appears as if it will get sorted out. People jump to conclusions too quickly.  She will also be busy with her home, either renovating or making changes in this area.

Someone close to her will fall pregnant.  This can either be a close friend or a family member. She will be really excited about it. 

The year ahead can become quiet hectic for her. She might need to take a break and rejuvenate afterwards.

Celebrity Predictions by Ursula Wania